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Catedra de Investigación en Tecnologías Emergentes de Conservación de Alimentos - Tecnológico de

Calle del Puente 222 Col. Ejidos de huipulco
ZIP Code
Delegación Tlalpan DF

Company Profile:
The aims is to contribute with knowledge that allows the design of new food processes and new products of better quality and energetically efficients.

In a special way, our research are linked with, fundamentally, non-thermic proceses and biodegradable active food packaging. Applying high pressures technologies, electric pulses, ultraviolet light, ozone and development of active and smart food packaging. Additionally it will be characterized the next food properties: Physic-chemistry, thermodynamics and mass transport phenomena between food and package, and shelf life studies in order to evaluate the engineering design of food processes.


What we offer:
Educación e Investigación Superior en tecnologías emergentes de conservación de alimentos, biotecnología de alimentos y salud, alimentos nutraceúticos, probióticos, biomateriales activos, biomateriales biodegradables.

What we are looking for:
Formación continua en tecnologías emergentes de conservación de alimentos, envase y embalaje para alimentos, métodos analíticos instrumentales, ecodiseño de envases para desarrollo sostenible

  • Food processing and preserving
  • Functional Food (nutraceuticals)/ Enriches (vitamins, minerals)
  • Food Packaging/Handling
  • Food Technology
  • Detection and Analysis methods
  • Tracability of food
  • Nutrition and Health

Collaboration sought:
  • Research Co-operation/ FP7 Project


Ms Dra. Cecilia Rojas de Gante

Professor / Research
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