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Dinkum Products Ltd

St Clements Road
ZIP Code
B7 5AF
United Kingdom

Company Profile:
Dinkum Products Ltd, are based in Birmingham U.K. .
We produce the No1 U.K. Commercial Branded Thickshake called Shmoo.
Within the UK we sell through distributors to caterers of all types. Cafe, Restaurant, Fast Food and Leisure are our largest users.
Established 14 years ago we have grown year on year, but have shown dramatic growth in thw last 2 years with our Shmoo brand.

Shmoo - the ice cold thickshake.

What we offer:
I am looking for a distributor for Shmoo.

It is the No1 Branded Commmercial Thickshake in the UK and I have reformulated it to work in the European market. In the UK we sell more than 4 million thickshakes per year and have gained significant market penetration.

It is mainly successful in the Leisure Foods market in both activity centres and cafes. It is inexpensive to purchase, simple to produce with equipment available in all cafes and bars. It shows great profits for the distributor and the user, but also is well known by the UK tourist.

It is so easy to make, just with milk ,ice and a scoop of Shmoo you can blend a superb thickshake.

What we are looking for:
I am looking for an existing distributor of food and drink to the commercial catering sector. I will expect them to have a reasonable customer base made up of independant and group customers, mainly cafes and restaurants.

We would sell to you the product and assit you in marketing it to your customers. The form of assistance would reflect the opportunity available.

In the UK we produce POS, branded disposables, website assistance and use of our quality graphics. We also demonstrate and train your salesmen in the benefits of our products.

  • Agents involved in the sale of food and beverages
  • Wholesale of food and beverages
  • Food and beverage service activities
  • Drink Technology

Collaboration sought:
  • Commercial Agreement


Mr Dennis White

Executive Manager

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