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Brief history
Established in 2000, Agra’s S.A (a joint-stock company) was previously known as Agra Internaţional and was organized as a company limited by shares by having taken over some of the assets of former SC AGRA Alba SA Alba Iulia, a local meat processing company.
Despite the inferior technical equipment, production and procession of meat products (approximately 500 kg/day) was carried on, purchasing raw materials from the national market and also disposing of a slaughtering plant.

In 2001, the company stopped using the slaughtering plant and started importing the raw material, which led to the increase of the company’s turnover. Therefore, the profit was invested in the expansion of the production and storage area, new machines were purchased, the unitary marketing policy was embraced and particular attention was paid to the distribution network as well.

The following years were marked by continual adaptation towards company excellence.

2005 was an important year for our company as it was the year when the main investment programme for the setup of “The Plant for Industrial meat processing” was initiated through SAPARD (Special Accession Programme for Agriculture Rural Development).
The plant was inaugurated in October 2006 and has a holding ability of 40t/day, the total investment rising up to 4 mil Euros.
Throughout the years, we have constantly invested in new equipment, auto fleet and Information Technology:
1. Cold storage warehouse with a holding ability of 400 tones.
2. Ultra-modern equipped meat processing plant with a processing ability of 1400t/year.
3. Auto fleet of 30 vehicles used for distribution and 20 small cars for our salesmen.

In 2007, AGRA’s became a joint-stock company, therefore a series of changes needed to be made regarding the organizational system, as well as that of production and commercial management.

We have decided that a two tier management system would be the best for our company. Therefore, the Board of Trustees is responsible for the planning of strategic policies, while the Board of Directors has executive duties.

From a modest start of processing 3 types of products, we have come to provide a wide range of meat related products that differentiate themselves from the rest of the products in the meat market through their high quality and originality degree.

Neither producing impressive quantities nor owning imposing market shares represent our goals.

Our mission is to satisfy the needs of a particular type of customers, those clients that are mainly interested in consuming fresh, healthy, tasty and top quality products.

Respectfully yours,

Dan Sarmasan
Head of the Board of Directors

Agra's meat processing company.

What we offer:
Meat Products

What we are looking for:
New market places to place our products,collaborations with companies in the meat distribution.

  • Food processing and preserving
  • Food Technology

Collaboration sought:
  • Commercial Agreement


Mr Andrei Sarmasan

Executive Manager
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