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C/Bailen, 105
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Company Profile:
1. Geographical location: All the world.
2. Type of organisation: Large company ( industry, service, consultancy).
3. The Linde Group is a leader in the business of industrial gases and engineering worldwide, with 1,5 million customers in 100 countries and about 48.000 employees and sales of 11,210 billion €. ABELLÓ LINDE S.A. belongs to Linde Group, and has 10 production centers in Spain that serve over 21.000 customers. The main sectors involved are: food, combustion, enology, chemical industry, manufacturing, health care, environment, pisciculture, etc.
The food department has extensive consulting experience in the processing of foods. Our differentiation is based on the development of a complete mobile pilot processing plant food placed inside a truck. We have developed R&D-related public and private: whole vegetables products, minimally processed products based on vegetables (strawberries, kiwi, persimmon, apple, tomato, lettuce, peaches, zucchini, plum, melon, watermelon, asparagus, artichokes, oranges, lemon, etc.), meat, fish; bakery products; meat, fish and vegetables ready to eat foods; improved the development of new plastic films (antifog properties, antimicrobial, antioxidant properties, permeability barrier, ethylene absorbers, etc.).


What we offer:
Gases technology for the Agricultural/Land industry.
Packaging Solutions for modified atmosphere packaging of foods (fruits and vegetables, fish, meat).
Controlled Atmosphere Storage.
Chilling-Cooling and freezing of foods.
Development of new products.
Design of new packaging systems.
Process simulation and modelling in pilot plants.
Study and design of process technology.
Experiments with new preservation techniques.
Cost optimization and production.

We have disposed a scaled complete mobile processing plant (pilot plant), a laboratory and a meeting–room. This mobile pilot plant is equipped with all the elements required to the development of new products and offer I+D+I assistance in customer plant.

What we are looking for:
We are looking for customers:
1. Type of customer: industry
2. Industry sector: all kind of sectors

Fresh cuts fruits and vegetables industries.
Ready to eat meals industries.
Fresh fish and elaborated fish industries.
Packaging Solutions for modified atmosphere packaging of foods (fruits and vegetables, fish, meat).
Chilling-Cooling and freezing of foods.

  • Fishing and aquaculture
  • Food processing and preserving
  • Manufacture of food and beverage
  • Food and beverage service activities
  • Fish/Fisheries/Fishing Technology
  • Drink Technology
  • Food Packaging/Handling
  • Food Technology

Collaboration sought:
  • Commercial Agreement
  • Technical Co-operation
  • Research Co-operation/ FP7 Project
  • Manufacturing Agreement


Mr Mr Juan Luis Mejias Garcia

Food Manager
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