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CENTA Centre for New Food Processes and Technologies

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Company Profile:
The centre for new food processes and technologies (CENTA) is a non-profit making foundation that was established in 2007, aiming at contributing to research and technological development to increase the competitiveness of the agro-food industry.
CENTA also integrated to the brand TECNIO - network created by ACC1Ó which brings together Catalonia’s main applied research and technology transfer experts.- and this strengthens CENTA’s position as a technical reference to the European food sector.
CENTA has strategically developed its infrastructure and has attained recognition as a quality technology provider to its many local, regional, national and international clients. CENTA is specifically focused on applied research providing support services to food industry by offering cutting-edge technologies and implementing innovative products. The centre is also involved in technology and knowledge transfer activities.
CENTA’s main areas of expertise are the development of new products, new processing technologies, preservation technologies, packaging technologies, sensor technologies, food microbiology, food safety and hygienic design.
Commercial-scale food products and food processes are developed in a 4000 m2 pilot plant in Spain where wide range of state-of-the-art equipments are available for industrial applications.

Centre for New Food Technologies and Processes

What we offer:
CENTA aims at contributing to the modernization and competitiveness of the agrofood industry through the development and application of new technologies and food processes, technology transfer, training, and the incorporation of innovations in all related areas (technology, services, management ... etc.).
For most of new technologies (high hydrostatic pressure, radio frequency, microwave, dynamic drying, drying and processing of liquid foods, etc. ...), the centre offers equipment with production capacities superior to what a pilot plant would offer. In such a way, companies have real tools to discover the cost effectiveness of the use of new technologies and can perform market research with real products, developed and validated at CENTA.

What we are looking for:
We are interested in establishing new collaborations with both, industrial partners and other resarch institutions and technology centres.

  • Food processing and preserving
  • Fish/Fisheries/Fishing Technology
  • Food Technology
  • Food Microbiology/Toxicology/Quality Control

Collaboration sought:
  • Commercial Agreement
  • Technical Co-operation
  • Research Co-operation/ FP7 Project


Ms Dr. Eva Ogué

Project Manager
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