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Grupo Hespérides Biotech S.L.

Crta. Utrera km. 1
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Company Profile:
Grupo Hespérides Biotech, being the first technology based company of the University Pablo de Olavide of Seville (Spain), focuses its activity on the development of innovative foods and beverages which are obtained from the biotechnological transformation of basic raw materials (fruits, vegetables, milk, etc.). These aim at meeting niche markets needs previously detected. Thus, the company focuses its business on the license of its products to other companies and on the development of new products upon request.

The company complements its activity with services of comprehensive analysis on food and agriculture aiming to the improvement of agriculture and to quality controls.

Grupo Hespérides facilities are located at the CABD Andalusian Centre for Developmental Biology, a shared institute of the Junta de Andalucía (Andalusian Regional Government), CSIC Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (Spanish National Research Council) and the University Pablo de Olavide of Seville.

Technology services:

What we offer:
• Innovative Product Development
Our company staff has extended experience and expertise in the development of new products for the agrofood industry, which guarantees top quality services for our clients.
Grupo Hespérides Biotech provides their clients with a large array of services for the development of new products:
• Development of the product's concept.
• Formulation or reformulation of products.
• Process improvement.
• Selection and identification of microorganisms for food bioprocessing.

Grupo Hespérides divides its RTD projects into three stages:
• Commercial stage: Filtering of market inputs which match up with the company’s technological capacity and which can lay the foundations for the development of new products.
• Scientific/Technical stage: Technical viability is evaluated. The new product is developed thank to collaborations with public research institutes.
• Pre-industrial stage: The processes already developed are adapted so that the final product can be reproduced at an industrial level.

Recovery of Food By-products
A by-product is a secondary or incidental product deriving from a manufacturing process, a chemical reaction or a biochemical pathway, and is not the primary product or service being produced. A by-product can also be the waste of a process being reused.
Finding a new use to a waste is very beneficial as the costs for removing the waste get suppressed and we get the opportunity of reusing a product.
Grupo Hespérides Biotech S.L. has developed an assessment protocol for by-products where the following objectives are pursued:
- Antioxidants characterization
- Nutritional composition characterization
- Microbiological characterization
- Physical and chemical characterization
- Assess its potential use as a by-product, supplement or ingredient in food, cosmetics or biomedicine through the platform for the research on bioactive molecules.

What we are looking for:

  • Food processing and preserving
  • Manufacture of food and beverage
  • Food and beverage service activities
  • Agriculture Machinery/Technology
  • Drink Technology
  • Technological additives. Enzymes
  • Functional Food (nutraceuticals)/ Enriches (vitamins, minerals)
  • Food Packaging/Handling
  • Food Technology
  • Food Microbiology/Toxicology/Quality Control
  • Nutrition and Health
  • environmental impacts and total food chain

Collaboration sought:
  • Commercial Agreement
  • Technical Co-operation
  • Research Co-operation/ FP7 Project
  • Licence Agreement


Mr Juan Diego Cordón Toledano

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