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Zaffagnini srl

via Galvani 9a
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Zaffagnini srl is a company located in Faenza, in the north east of Italy between Venice and Rimini. We made typical specialities from Romagna.
The fragrance and the authentic taste of mortadella Zaffagnini make it a refined product, for connoisseurs and gourmets. Beside a wide range of mortadella, the company Zaffagnini produces traditional typical products obtained by pork meats coming from Italian breeding: passita sausage with its sweet and delicate taste, the delicious coppa di testa, salame type Alpino and Fabriano, Christmas Zampone.
Particularly interesting are all the items which put particular attention to nutritional exigencies and which, proposing the tastes of tradition, have got a limited content of fats: salame del Nonno, that is particularly meagre, porchetta Ghiottolina, the roasted Tenerello, Persuttino and other delicatessen.

Promotion and commerce of typical italian products from Emilia-Romagna

What we offer:
Zaffagnini srl offer high quality of italian food from
Emilia- Romagna such as mortadella, ham, pork meats, passita sausage, other typical charcuterie and organic products and other delicatessen.
Our products could be eat alone or it could be mix with pasta or bread as the typical way to enjoy this special food in the italian way.

What we are looking for:
We work in the food sector offering a typical type of products made in the area of the origin of the food. Also we work in the organic food sector.

As we are offering special food from a region in the noth-east of Italy we are very specialized and
we are looking for importers, distributors, agents in order to bring in other Countries all the above mentioned products.

  • Food processing and preserving
  • Manufacture of food and beverage
  • Agents involved in the sale of food and beverages
  • Wholesale of food and beverages
  • Manufacture of machinery for food and beverage
  • Food and beverage service activities
  • Food Packaging/Handling
  • Food Technology
  • Food Microbiology/Toxicology/Quality Control

Collaboration sought:
  • Commercial Agreement


Mr Mauro Turrini

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