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Konpol Spolka z ograniczona odpowiedzialnoscia Sp.K.

ul. Zwirki i Wigury 4
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Company Profile:
Konpol company - the Candy Floss in 7 flavours producer. Production plant is located in Wolomin, Mazovia region of Poland, UE.
Company's activity: production of confectionery sweet - candy floss. .Company is focused on only one product: flavored and colored candy floss (also with natural and azoo free colorings), and BUBBLE Candy Floss - a candy floss with gum powder added - it changes into big chewing gum in the mouth ! PRODUCTS ALSO UNDER PRIVATE LABELS!
Konpol has developed high quality, safety product manufactured in accordance to HACCP system and food regulations, under sanitary and hygienic conditions, made of high quality raw materials and only of ingredients, which are fit and destined for human consumption. It's shelf life: 1 year. All the flavors/ additives contained in all products are conformed with food regulation in EU.
Comapany was founded in 1996. Konpol export (HTC 1704 9099) to most of european countries as well as to overseas countries.

Konpol - Candy Floss producer from Poland

What we offer:
We are specialized in candy floss production and distribution worldwide. We offer standard candy floss in 7 colors and flavors, packed into 3 kinds of cup: small ca 200ml, medium ca.500ml and big ca.1000ml.
We produce also BUBBLE Candy Floss in 3 flavors and packed into same cups: small ca.200ml cup and in medium ca.500ml cups - this is a candy floss that change into big bubble gum in the mouth, while eating and chewing.
We offer our product in a wild range of collective packaging like boxes, trays and various displays that boost sales of our candy floss significantly !

What we are looking for:
We are looking for a distributors in FMCG sector for our products (flavored candy Floss and flavored BUBBLE Candy Floss with chewing bubble gum) in Spain, Portugal, France, Middle and Far East, Australia and Oceania.
We are also interested in production for customers and they brands, as well as in collaboration with distribution chains.

  • Food processing and preserving
  • Manufacture of food and beverage
  • Wholesale of food and beverages

Collaboration sought:
  • Commercial Agreement
  • Manufacturing Agreement
  • Licence Agreement



President of board

Ms KINGA Gostynska

Product Manager
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