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Company Profile:
CTAEX is a non-profit making association. It was established in 2000 with an absolute aim: to offer research & development + innovation services as well as analytic, training and information services in order to achieve the competitive development of the food companies and guarantee consumers safety.
Different research lines were established. These research lines were looking for sustainable development production, preservation and new processing methods for agrarian and food products as well as for an intelligent and sustainable long-term use of these resources. At present such research lines still continue to be the foundations of the association.
CTAEX is located on a strategic spot allowing the association to extend its services not only to the region of Extremadura but also to the South West of the Iberian Peninsula. This makes easier the development of projects and the agreements with Portuguese associations and companies.
CTAEX has become a technological standard, providing project guidance and strengthening the food industry competitiveness through innovation, technological development, training and offering its services to agrarian and food companies.
CTAEX is qualified and has the best experience and human resources to provide advice and guide companies and other institutions in order to help them to find the best solutions through innovation and technological development to deal with the present and future needs concerning health, food safety and traceability.
According to its society commitment, CTAEX gives R&D+I training to young people to help them on their way towards finding a job, and also provides easy access to the information for everybody.

The main goal of this association is to meet the demands and needs of the sustainable production methods development, preservation and processing of food products through integrated countrified development. Always looking for competitiveness and efficiency of productions:

1. Primary research on the farming field, preserving and food processing industry as well as environment preservation.
2. Improvement on production processes, new techniques and elaborates, standardization of the qualities and features, new testing methods, product review, productivity, environment preservation, integrated farming, sustainable development…
3. Offering technological services such as quality, production management, and training, providing information, documentation, broadcasting, legislation, design and environment.
4. Spreading research results.
5. Enhancing shared researches among companies in order to improve their technological levels, competitiveness and environment preservation methods.
6. Enhancing non-stop training and specialization of the technicians of food and environmental related companies.


The main aim of the services of CTAEX is to give proper answers to the current needs of the food companies, as they are required to be market-focused and have strong competitive skills. To think of the consumer as the main target becomes a key to success when innovating within the agrarian and food industry, which requires specific production needs for every sector, company and product.
CTAEX offers SERVICES to solve the problems which can arise in these industries: SAFETY, TRACEABILITY, INNOVATION, PROCESS IMPROVEMENT, DEMANDS AND COMPLAINTS, and FRAUDS. Dealing with these problems through experience, knowledge and confidentiality and providing technological values.
Field: Food Science
• New products development: semi-processed, final products (meat, fish, vegetables), dairy products, products made after by-products, dietary food.
• Process Technology: fourth and fifth range, concentration, cooking products, aseptic, multiple barriers…
• Sensorial review: discriminatory and descriptive products tests, sensorial and preference acceptability studies.
• Other services: lifetime studies, ingredients review, formulae improvement, regeneration studies, product sample development to test on markets.

Field: Food Science and Safety
• Physical and chemical product and material properties, including the impact of technological processes and alterations due to their storage.
• Nutritional composition of the final food
• Classic microbiology
• Prompt techniques of microorganism detection: flow cytrometry
• Pathogens detection through PCR
• Provide advice to run equipments and guidance on analysis methods
• Physical and chemical analysis
• Microbiology analysis
Field: Farming
• Technological and agronomical study of the breed
• New harvesting techniques: tillage, irrigation
• Fertilization test
• Vegetable proliferation
• Alternative production: biological and integrated
• New crops: adaptation and economy viability
• Crops planning: seeding and harvesting

Field: Technical Assistance
• Technical Guidance
• Technological Advice
• Process Improvement
• Technical and Energy Studies
• Facilities Design
• Technical Assistance on Facilities and Sanitation Design
• Environment
• Line Processes Design
• Test Equipment Design and Construction
• Automation
• Process Engineering
• By-Product Improvement
Field: Training, Communication and Technology Transfer
• University practices agreement and other training institutions
• Monographic training
• Technology transfer conferences
• Research results sharing
• R&D+I Information
• Market study
• Technological needs study
• Technological surveillance, innovation circulation
• Sector conferences
• Technological observatory
• Technological up-to-date: sectors and legislation
• General training: food handler, controller
• Non-stop training for food industry workers
• Training for companies and food institutions according to their needs
Field: Economy related services
• Technological assistance
• Financial advice
• Business advice
• Project aimed economy reports guidance
• Costs study
• Viability study
• Society and economy study
• Sector research
• Guidance, tracing and support for R&D+I project allowances
• Human resources


What we offer:
Technological specialization lines are established after meeting the technological competence of the institution, after dealing with the research needs of the members and after observing the regional technological food background.
The main technological aim of CTAEX is focused on the evaluation of products after the industrial process. Also to diversify the products and extend them to national and international markets through the origination of new products and processes, adding value to by-products. Everything based on sustainable energy and environmental grounds.
CTAEX researching activity is focused on two important axis, food research and agrarian research, where we can find the above mentioned strategic research lines. Besides, this also provides assistance to important sectors of the region of Extremadura, due to their strategic activity and also looking to a future development:
Line 1: Farming system improvement
The aim of this research line is to produce food, always respecting the environment and implementing more efficient agrarian methods. Also to adapt new crops to the South West of the Iberian Peninsula, looking towards a future industrial transformation development.

Line 2: Food products development
The aim of this research line is to diversify the food products and include them into the international markets through the usage of new cooking technology, emphasizing precooked and cooked products.
Line 3: Preservation techniques for scarcely processed food
The aim of this research line is to develop processes which reduce the impact that preservation makes on food, and also to implement new formulae to save energy in order to develop less caloric techniques, natural additive preservation processes as well as to make longer the lifetime of food by the application of non-aggressive techniques. Always regarding food security for consumers.
Line 4: FUNCTIONAL FOOD. Improvement of the healthy features of traditional food
The aim of this research line is to develop FUNCTIONAL FOOD in order to add healthy features to traditional food through the replacement of negatives features or improving the positive ones, as for enriched dairy products. This line deals with the current life standards of people who need and ask for the best performance and efficiency on their day to day activities.
Line 5: Waste products, by-products and aromatic and medicinal plants review
The aim of this research line is to improve the management of waste food products in order to make a better usage of their added value through: reduction of the polluting impact on the land, water and air and transformation of these waste products into resources (energy, additives, inputs, biofuel…). Besides, the research of new techniques based on essences and oils from aromatic and medicinal plants.

These research lines include:
• Processes and products of tomato industry
• Additives and preservatives of aromatic and medicinal plants
• Olive trees, olive oil and olives
• Tobacco
• Vegetables and fruits
• Precooked and cooked products
• Soft texture cheese
• Meat from the South of the region of Extremadura (Dehesa)

What we are looking for:
Food and Agriculture parteners for R D Proyect.

  • Drink Technology
  • Technological additives. Enzymes
  • Functional Food (nutraceuticals)/ Enriches (vitamins, minerals)
  • Food Packaging/Handling
  • Food Technology
  • Safe production methods
  • Nutrition and Health

Collaboration sought:
  • Research Co-operation/ FP7 Project






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