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Ekomoa AB

Brunnsvägen 6
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Company Profile:
We are situated in Nybro Sweden. Ekomoa is a small family company making a new start to produce top quality products, Raw food snacks, from organically grown vegetables, fruits and berries. Our products are free from both gluten and dairy and are suitable for people on the go and the health conscious. We are introducing this unique, healthy products to the Swedish market in june 2012. We plan to have the first factory ready for production on a larger scale at the end of the year.

Producer of wholsome organic raw food.

What we offer:
I am a raw food teacher since 2009, and have had experience of wholesome food since 1988, especially free from gluten and dairy.
We are offering tasty and top quality products both good & wholesome snacks for all occasions. Carbohydrates keep us happy and alert and give us energy. But it must be smart carbohydrates like those in vegetables, fruit and berries full of enzymes, vitamins, minerals, fibres as well as protein. Eating Raw snacks prevents you from getting hunger pains until it´s time for lunch or dinner. The blood sugar is also kept on a constant level. Ekomoa snacks are made without added sugar,just sweetened with fruit and berries.Just raw, nothing else! For the health consious, people on the go and schoolchildren.

What we are looking for:
We are looking for Wholesalers,Buyers to; Hotel chains, Health shops, Airport shops, Traffic shops and Corner shops.
Our products are for people on the go, sport and health conscious, that need a tasty and nourishing snack between meals.

We are looking for distributors in Germany, England and Holland.

  • Nutrition and Health

Collaboration sought:
  • Commercial Agreement


Ms Anita Karlqvist-Strom


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