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Orranäs Gårdsmejeri (Orranäs Farm Dairy)

Orranäs 436
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Company Profile:
Orranäs Farm Dairy is situated in South-East Sweden, in Blekinge county, along the coastal road between Kristianopel and Torhamn. The company is owned and run by Boel and Lars Dahlberg. We make cheese from goat´s and cow´s milk, using traditional artisan methods.

Our production is small-scale, the cheeses are made from fresh milk from our own goats and from organic cow´s milk from a neighbouring farm. We pasteurize the milk and then do everything by hand.

The pastures in Blekinge play an important role in the very rich taste of our cheeses. We control the production chain all the way from the breeding of the goats and the food they eat, to the finished cheese.

The food available to the goats in the pastures varies over the year, and so does the amount of brushwood, which affects the milk. This is why traditionally produced farm dairy cheese may vary in taste and consistency

All products are free from additives and preservatives

Goatcheese, cowcheese, bucksalami Small-scale production

What we offer:
Orranäs Vit Caprin (White Caprino)
Orranäs Vit Caprin is a traditional Swedish goat´s cheese. It is a semi-soft, matured goat´s cheese with a crust of camembert mould. The cheese is made from pasteurized fresh goat´s milk. In the maturing process, the flavour develops into a mild, rich, slightly acid and nutty taste. Can be enjoyed as is – on a crispbread cracker accompanying soup, on a cheese plate – or grated and melted in the oven.
Vit Caprin is matured two to twelve months or even longer. With longer maturing, it turns brown and gets a strong flavour. Vit Caprin was awarded a silver medal in Swedish Artisan food products contest &034;SM i Mathantverk&034; in 2011.

Bocksalami ( Buck salami)
When our buck kids are big enough to be separated from their mothers, they spend the whole summer grazing on our island together with the grown bucks and our neighbour´s cows. In the autumn, the young bucks are slaughtered, and the meat is used to make a wonderful buck salami sold on the farm.

Other Products - please look at our WEB site

What we are looking for:
Dealer who are interested in artisanal delicacies, small shops, gourmet Restaurants in North Germany, Denmark, Finland and Great Britain.

  • Manufacture of food and beverage
  • Nutrition and Health
  • environmental impacts and total food chain

Collaboration sought:
  • Commercial Agreement


Ms Boel Dahlberg


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