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Landa Conserven

Postweg 10-12
ZIP Code
4631 RZ

Company Profile:
Over the years, Landa Conserven has become synonymous with cockles. For more that 70 years, the family business has specialized in the fishing and processing of cockles and other shellfish. Although in the Netherlands the cockle is hardly known, in Southern Europe - especially Spain, Portugal, Italy and France - the little shellfish is a true delicacy.

Through a unique sterilisation process, the majority of these cockles are canned with a shelf life of five years. A smaller part of the cockles is submitted to a treatment with nitrogen to be processed as quick frozen cockles. Apart from cockles, Landa Conserven also imports and exports Clams (shellfish) and Whitebait (small fish).

Landa Conserven may count itself as one of the world's leading companies in the field of canned shellfish. Not only because of its experience and expertise, but also, above all, because of its innovative enterprising and flexible response to new technologies and ecological and economic changes.

Looking for Agent/Distributor for

What we offer:
Landa Conserven offers three traditional sizes of canned cockles: CLUB 125 ml + 90 ml, RO 200 ml and RO 274 ml, with a shelf life of five years. Apart from the size of the cans, a distinction is made between the sizes of the cockles, whereby the number of cockles per can is decisive.

We offer:
- Canned Cockles (Latas de berberechos)
- Canned Clams (Latas de almejas)
- Frozen Cockles (Congelados IQF carne berberechos),

Also offered:
- Mussel meat (Carne de mejillones),
- Spizula solida with shell (Spizula solida con concha)

What we are looking for:
An agent/distributor working with wholesalers/supermarkets in Spain.

  • Fishing and aquaculture
  • Food processing and preserving
  • Agents involved in the sale of food and beverages
  • Wholesale of food and beverages
  • Fish/Fisheries/Fishing Technology

Collaboration sought:
  • Commercial Agreement


Ms Kathleen van Egeraat

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