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Mazurskie Miody

Tomaszkowo 47
ZIP Code

Company Profile:
Mazurskie miody is a company with a long beekeeping tradition from Poland. The history of the company begins in the year 1964 when the owner of the company founded his first apiary.
In our offer we have many types of natural honey.
We are producer of alcohol: meads, pure vodka, honey liqueur, okowita

Mazurskie Miody is one of the few companies that produces mead according to the unique technique, so called unsaturated meads.
The unsaturated meads are produced by mixing honey with water, a natural fermentation and seasoning that last several months.
The unsaturated meads contain all healthy ingredients of natural honey, because unlike saturated meads, they are not boiled.

Vodka available in our offer is produced only from highest quality grain spirit , which is repeatedly distilled. Depending of kind, vodka is with additional natural ingredients such as: natural honey, herbs, root spices.

We invite to cooperation and testing our products.

Producer of alcohol

What we offer:
Products available in our offer:
1. pure vodka
Piasecki Vodka it’s an original Polish vodka, produced from the highest quality grain spirit and pure water.

2. honey liqueur
Depending on the type of vodka our liqueur is made from honey, grain spirit and :
- juicy cherries- Piasecki Cherry
- distillate of juniper, specially selected herbs - Piasecki Forest
- fruits of plumes - Piasecki Plum
- fruits of quince - Piasecki Quince
- herbs , root spices - Piasecki Honey

3. meads( czwórniak,trójniak,dwójniak,półtorak)
Our meads have a really special aroma and taste , because there are the unsaturated meads . We are one of the few companies that produce mead
according that unique technique.
The unsaturated meads contain all healthy ingredients of natural honey , because - unlike saturated meads- they are not boild.
Meads are great addition to most of dishes.

4. Okowita
Okowita is formed as a result of honey solution fermentation and later its distillation. Okowita is produced similar as e.g. whiskey

5. we can offer service under buyer brand bottling

6. natural honey

What we are looking for:
We are looking for:
4.retail customer

We are looking for distributors, wholesalers and retailers of our products.We are interesting in:
- cooperation in distribution of our own products
- sell our products under the brand recipient

  • Manufacture of food and beverage
  • Wholesale of food and beverages

Collaboration sought:
  • Commercial Agreement
  • Manufacturing Agreement


Mr Dariusz Sasin

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