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Food Brokers BV

Weergang 5
ZIP Code
5301 JV

Company Profile:
Our core business is selling many different food-items by colli, pallet or by full container loads. We are the representative of many Dutch producers.
In our warehouse we are combining and loading those containers to various parts in the world. A lot of our clients are seeking for smaller quantities of certain products but like to buy many products in one time to fill a container.
We sell to supermarkets directly but also to importers, buying-agents distributors or catering-houses. They do have access to more than 20.000 different products based on food and non-food.
Due to our flexibility and extensive services we are able to fulfil almost all your wishes.

Our products are especially appealing for the Dutch abroad, but could also be of interest to the Spanish due to very competitive prices.

Opportunities to distribute our products in Spain

What we offer:
Next to the major famous Dutch brands like, Droste, Venco, Hak and Conimex we do have an extensive range of less famous brands of excellent quality at very competitive prices.

The private label brand we export is Markant. A lot of supermarkets in the Netherlands do sell the Markant brand as their private label. Nowadays supermarkets around the world understand the value of the Markant brand. Good quality, attractive packing at competitive prices. Sales automatically increase with Markant. Besides Markant we can also deliver the following:
Bake-off Bread - Dry/Frozen
Groceries - Dry
Gouda Cheese - Chilled
Danish Salami - Meat

What we are looking for:
In general: It is possible to make combined pallets. Companies can make relative small orders, with several different products on one pellat. If the make an order direct at a producer a lot of times they have to make big orders, now they can make small and mixed orders.

We sell to supermarkets directly but also to importers, buying-agents distributors or catering-houses. Mainly in touristic areas (where Dutch people stay/go on holiday) but besides also local consumers.

1: supermarkets. For instance the supermarkets in the coast areas.
But also ‘regular’ supermarkets who are interested in products as ‘salad dressings’/ coffee creamers, asian food lines, etc. as wel can deliver that as well.

2. Wholesale / Cash&Carry.

3.Imports / Distributors / buying agent.

  • Agents involved in the sale of food and beverages
  • Wholesale of food and beverages
  • Food and beverage service activities

Collaboration sought:
  • Commercial Agreement


Ms Nienke Beliën

Sales representative
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