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Arcus BV

P.O. Box 1190
ZIP Code
5200 BE

Company Profile:
We can produce any kind of tea and herb in all kind of packaging for competitive prices.

Our own tea brand Bradley’s consists of various original tea concepts for food service and retail with high quality tea in attractive packaging and presentation. Sold via coffee roasters, coffee vending machines distributors, horeca distributors, retail, cash & carry

We have 6 different tea concepts for different market segment / target groups

1: Nylon pyramid tea bags with leaf tea.
Higher segment. 15 bags per box.

2: Nylon pyramid tea bags with leaf tea, single packed in coloured mini-boxes.

3: Classic tea bags for retail, offices, catering. With stand-up display for 6 boxes.

4: Classic tea bags for horeca in luxury foil envelopes. Presented in exclusive tea chest.

5. Fair Trade + Organic certified tea. Presented in bamboo chest.

6. Catering box. Black tea per 100 tea bags.

Concepts are also being sold in Private Label. In development: loose tea concept for horeca.

Commercial opportunities to distribute our tea in Spain

What we offer:
Our USP´s:

Private label:
- Being able to pack all kind of teas and herbs in all kind of packaging (including pyramid bags)
- Flexibility; private label already possible with 10.000 boxes per variety, 50.000 envelopes
- Short lines (with quick results) and hands-on mentality

- Being able to offer a custom tea concept for a specific target group/market segment
- Distinctive tea concepts with attractive packaging and presentation. Helping the customer to differentiate
- Good margins
- Bradley’s stands for: Quality, Choice & Concepts.
- Quality: always very high and consistent quality
- Choice: wide assortment of tea concepts and varieties.
- Concepts: there are 6 different tea concepts now, and the next one will be introduced in a few months.

What we are looking for:
We are especially interested in:

1: coffee roasters (direct). Also, vending machines suppliers (direct)

2: retail sector (direct)

3: distributor / importer.

  • Agents involved in the sale of food and beverages
  • Wholesale of food and beverages
  • Food and beverage service activities

Collaboration sought:
  • Commercial Agreement


Ms Ceriel Ostermann

Sales manager
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